Pueblo Nuevo 100 Mile Run
Tucson, Arizona
February 24, 1996

By Blake P. Wood, bwood@lanl.gov

The Pueblo Nuevo 100 was a very interesting experience. I won it in about 19:39, there were 15 finishers out of about 35 starters. It turned out to be a harder course than I had expected. The bulk was on dirt roads, but there was a significant component on trails and along sandy or boulder filled washes. It was a beautiful course. Losing the route took a lot of people out, although I didn't have much trouble following it. It was not a well marked course (generally not the RD's fault - see below), but a lot of people weren't paying close enough attention to what markings there were, or didn't listen well enough to the briefing. Bruce Fay (sp?) whom I raced against from 25 to 60 miles, got lost every time he pulled ahead of me, and dropped out after the third time. But then, he hadn't bothered to check out the course (and he was a local!), and didn't attend the briefing. This was definitely a case where preparation won out over raw talent. Racing against Bruce took me through 50 faster than was wise - 9 hours over the half that had most of the climb - and I pretty much ran out of gas with 20 miles to go, but held on out of fear that Wayne Miles would catch me from behind, since the aide station people wouldn't tell me when he had cleared the previous station. He ended up nearly two hours behind me, but I spent a few anxious hours stumbling across the desert in the dark, imagining I saw flashlights behind me.

At the awards ceremony, the RDs expressed serious doubts that there would be a second PN100. I hope that's not the case - I'd run it a second time - but the problems with hostile locals and hunters removing the course markings may be not worth the RD's efforts. I ran into the course director putting out glow sticks at about 70 miles, and she was nearly in tears over what was happening.

There were concurrent 100 and 50 mile horse races, and a shorter ride-and-tie on the same course. It was interesting to run with the horses, and to see where I was faster (steep downhill and bad footing), and where they were faster (everywhere else). Also, for some reason, the riders had a harder time finding the course markings than I did. Over the final 10 mile stretch, winding across the desert, following surveyors ribbons tied to bushes, my dad (my pacer) and I got a group of four riders back on the course twice, after which they said "We'll just follow you from here on." I finished faster than at least 7 of the 18 riders.

The aid stations were better stocked than most hundreds with the things I like to eat (potatos and fruit), although some weren't set up in time, and the last one had a generator failure that left them with nothing hot to eat or drink.

All in all, a beautiful, interesting course and a well planned operation, unfortunately marred by circumstances beyond the RD's control.

Here are the results of the Pueblo Nuevo runs, courtesy of RD Rick Kelley:

100 miles
1  Blake Wood			19:39
2  Wayne Miles			21:23
3  Pam Reed			21:30
4  Dave Capron			22:45
5  Joanne Urioste		22:51
6  Jay Grobeson			22:57
7  Tom James			26:45
8  Richard Gillespie		27:06
9  Wayne Kocher			28:06
   Duncan Orr			28:06
11 Glen Zirbel			28:49
12 Lisa Allen 			28:54
13 Bill Gebbie			28:55
14 Joe Hildebrand		29:17
15 Ultra Al Miller		29:27
   35 starters 15 finishers	

50 Miles
1  Tim Twietmeyer		 7:52
2  Travis Estes			 8:08
3  Dan Barger			 8:31
4  Brandon Sybrowsky		 8:31
5  Mo Bartley			 8:49
6  Elaina McMahon		 9:05
7  Glenn Vencill		 9:09
8  Jeffrey Smith		 9:21
9  Richard Fulton		 9:38
10 Leslie Mattingly-Vitale 	 9:41
11 Kurt Fox			 9:46
12 Ron Barrett			 9:48
13 Dan Bowers			10:04
14 Matt Moore			10:16
15 Bennie Linkhart		10:26
16 Marie Gonzales		10:33
17 John Eugster			10:39
18 Clark Bunton			10:45
19 Mac Magrann			10:45
20 Julie Arter			10:48
21 Chris Avery			10:48
22 Tony Englehart		10:48
23 Stephen Utley		10:48
24 Anne Bamrick			11:03
25 Clarence Martinez		11:03
26 Fred Abramowitz		11:05
27 John Greer			11:06
28 Kurt Coonrod			11:07
29 Dan Dempster			11:14
30 Dan Curley			11:50
31 Geri Kilgariff		11:51
32 Kathie Utley			11:51
33 David Saine			11:52
34 Bob Givens			12:13
35 Ginny Blaylock		12:23
36 Henry Canales		12:27
37 Ross Waltzer			12:48
38 Jay Onisch			13:07
39 Lydia D'Alessandro		13:11
40 Renne Gardner		13:11
41 Charles Wolfe		13:26
42 Bruce Burnham		13:46
43 Charles Sabitine		13:57
   63 starters 43 finishers

1 Eric Dunbar			4:53
2 Tom Martin			5:00
3 Jim Matison			5:02
4 Wally Bleyl			6:36
5 Allen Miller			6:44
6 Tony Brickel 			7:09
  Debbie Roth
  Seth Roberts
  10 starters 8 finishers 

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